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xxpiss_drunkxxx [userpic]
by xxpiss_drunkxxx (xxpiss_drunkxxx)
at June 3rd, 2006 (11:38 pm)

1. Name: Amanda
2. Age: 16
3. Location: I'd rather not put that in here for some issues I have with the world wide web. (Hopefully you guys'll understand)
4. Sexual Orientation: "I'm too gay for words" :]
5. Status: Single.
6. Sign: ..Well there's one outside my house that says, "20 MPH Speed Limit". (Kidding) Taurus.

1. Bands:
Wow. There's a lot really.. but I'll try to be specific. The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cold, Coldplay, As I Lay Dying, Bad Religion, NoFx, Coyote Shivers, The Cranberries, Liz Phair, Puddle of Mudd, The Boy Least Likely To, Social Distortion, The Ramones, Atreyu, Ozzy, Foo Fighters, Nas, 50 Cent, Apathy, Dilated Peoples, The Distillers, Rancid, Eric Clapton, Five For Fighting, Metallica, Weezer, Black Sabbath, Elvis Presley, Black Label Society and Zakk Wylde, Everclear, Everlast.. really.. the list goes on and on. (No kidding)
2. Song lyrics: 
"Under the Bridge" By The Red Hot Chili Peppers

Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner
Sometimes I feel like my only friend
Is the city I live in, the city of Angels
Lonely as I am, together we cry

I drive on her streets 'cause she's my companion
I walk through her hill 'cause she knows who I am
She sees my good deeds and she kisses me windy
I never worry, now that is a lie

I don't ever want to feel like I did that day
Take me to the place I love take me all the way
I don't ever want to feel like I did that day
Take me to the place I love take me all the way

It's hard to believe that there's nobody out there
It's hard to believe that I'm all alone
At least I have her love the city she loves me
Lonely as I am, together we cry


(Under the bridge downtown)
Is where I drew some blood
(Under the bridge downtown)
I could not get enough
(Under the bridge downtown)
Forgot about my love
(Under the bridge downtown)
I gave my life away

It's hard to explain why I love this song. It's just saved me countless times. I really like to way you can almost feel what Anthony Kiedis is feeling when he sings.
3. Movies:  Jaws, My Girl, SLC Punk, Empire Recods, White Oleander, Beetlejuice, South Park the Movie, Ducktales the Movie, Deep Blue Sea, Boys Don't Cry, XMen 1-3, Simon Burch, The Other Sister, The Great Mouse Detective, The Rescuers Down Under, The Rescuers. (So I'm a sucker for Disney movies..sue me)   
4. TV Shows: Ducktales, The Simpsons, South Park, Mad TV, VH1's Totally Awesome Metal Moments, VH1's Most Shocking Moments in Rock and Roll History, That 70's Show, King of the Hill, and Law and Order: SVU.
5. Books: Animal Farm, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Keeping You a Secret, Scar Tissue, The Long Hard Road Outta Hell (Marilyn Manson Biography), Fences, The Secret Life of Bees, The Things They Carried.  

About You
1. How “out” are you:
theWell. I'm not so much "out of the closet" as I am being "Thrown out". Seriously, I think I've told people that I was gay... four times since I've known myself. Other than that.. it's all my friends pointing and saying, "HEY! This is my GAY friend Amanda!" I guess you could put this as being "out". Everyone knows that I'm gay, but they don't talk about it. (At least not to my face)
2. Piercings (if so, feel free to post one pic of each): I wish.
3. Tattoos (if so, you may post one pic of each): I wish.
4. Girlfriend/Boyfriend (may show one photo): See above.
5. What do you love most about your partner (if single, what most attracts you to someone): I'm really picky when it comes to relationships and girls. I like someone I can talk to. REALLY talk to. I like having conversations that can go anywhere from funny to intellectual and controversial. And.. forgive me for sounding soft.. but I really like cuddling. I think it connects people more in a way that sex can't. Sex is just.. over rated these days. I'm not saying everyone who has sex is over rated. I'm just saying.. the way that some people look at it and abuse it. It makes me sad.   
6. Hobbies/Interests: I love to play my guitar and I love music. Also.. I am a HUGE Band Geek, so anyone who says, "This one time at Band Camp" to me, I will shank with my trumpet. :] (Kidding)
7. What are the top 3 most interesting things about you?: Me? Ineresting? Well.. I suppose I'll write a few. For starters, I am NOT a morning person. If you wake me up before I am ready, prepare to lose a hand or two. I love listening to people's problems and helping them out, but when it comes to my own problems, I'd rather not speak of them to anyone. (I hate thinking that people will worry about me..it's weird). And I act. I've acted in a couple of plays before.. nothing too big though.  
8. How do you identify (butch, femme, mtf, etc): -shrugs- I don't really identify with any of it.
9. What’s been the worst experience you’ve had regarding your sexuality: Eh. I was always beaten up in middle school because people knew I was gay. I didn't even say anything about it.. they just knew, which really scared me into thinking that I was less of what I really was.

1. Show us a picture of one thing you’re dying to have and tell us why:

..I think me and that foot would get along pretty well.

2. Any pets (you can post pix): I don't have a picture of him here on my computer, but my dog, Jake. He's a cross between a Bermese Mountain dog and a Chocolate Lab. (He's a freakin' monster)
3. Show us your favorite photo (doesn’t have to be of a person):

These are my buddies. Brendan (front) and Ashley (With the umbrella). I just love the fact that it looks like Ashley is going to impale him with the umbrella. Makes me laugh every time. Plus the look on her face is priceless.

4. What are the top five most imporant things to you:
1. Music. It's my life and only withstanding love. Without music, I really think that I would die. It's such an important part of me right now. I could never even begin to fully explain the love affair I share with it.
2. My family. As much as they can bug the hell out of me, I really do love them. We're kind of like a mob. If you mess with one of us, you'd better be damn well prepared to mess with the rest of us.
3. My "kids". They're really my Uncle Dano's kids, but I fucking love them. I've watched them grow up and held them in my arms enough to know that I would do anything for them. (All four of them)
4. My mind. It really is the only place I really feel safe anymore. No one can judge me or put me down.
5. My friends. They're the glue that fixes me after I break. :]

5. There are two words that, when mouthed, look exactly like 'I love you'. What are they?: "Olive You" (From The Other Sister) and... "I..like.. stew"? (I don't know the other one)

Feel free to say as much as you want on 2-5 topics
1. Censorship:
I think cencorship is going through a midlife crisis. It's gotten so ridiculous that on the radio the other day, I heard the word "pants" edited out of an Avril Lavigne song. I also think that cencorship is bullshit. No matter how hard you try to shelter your kids, they're still going to learn about sex, drugs, and rock and roll on their own. And personally, I think that's the way you have to learn sometimes. (But that's another topic)
2. Marriage in general: Funny that this topic is in here, actually. I asked someone about what they thought of Gay Marriage and their reply was that it shouldn't be legal because marriage was about "reproducing". True, you could reproduce. But not all marriages produce kids. I personally think marriage is about love. And love can be a beautiful thing. But marriage today is kind of.. dead. There aren't a whole lot of marriages I know of that are still together. I also think that marriage should be something you should be sure of.
3. Representation of homosexuals/transexuals in TV/Movies:
4. Gay Pride:
5. Having an “alternate plan” for your life:

Tying Up the Loose Ends
1. What is ONE thing you would change about this application (don’t be shy):
The promoting. (I am computer illiterate and can't do this very well)  
2. How active do you plan to be: Haha. Are you sure you want honesty here? I'll probably be active everytime I'm bored. (Which amounts to a couple of times a week)
3. What is one thing you would like this community to do: Don't be as judgemental as a lot of the other communities. Just because someone doesn't like a certain band doesn't mean you should think any less of them.
4. Promote us to one friend, one community, and in your journal, and provide links:
I really don't belong to a lot of communities, but the ones I do belong to are on topic only.
5. Please post 3-10 clear photos of yourself, including one 100x100 for the members page.

What can I say? ..I should have read that warning label on that can of AXE better.. tsk, tsk. :P

Me and the little devils. :] 


Posted by: Bo. (burnthatwitch)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 11:11 am (UTC)

There was nothing really to make me say yes.
I'm also a spelling nazi.
"1. Censorship: I think cencorship..."

I mean, I understand that it's petty, but it's like... the correct spelling is RIGHT THERE.

I think you're getting no-ed anyway for not having read the rules and also because this is all in bold. It's enough to make a blind man dyslexic.

Posted by: Ari (i_discover_me)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)

I really liked you, and by saying really, I mean really

so read the rules, fix the applications bloopers you made, and fix the html, it really could make a blind man dyslexic and you shall be rewarded -nod-

Posted by: eh, wot? (miss_watson)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 01:59 pm (UTC)


Get off livejournal.

Posted by: Jade (i_heart_ashli)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 05:07 pm (UTC)

------ You're music
+you're movies

Posted by: Laura (dollie_decay)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 05:54 pm (UTC)
Mod// No

Way to read the rules.
- Your application subject line MUST read "New Member".
- Your application MUST be friends only.
- And "Olive Oil" isn't the correct answer.

Posted by: Alex Boykitten Macdonald Ramsay (boykitten)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 08:19 pm (UTC)

sway me...

the amount of thing i like and dislike about this application are near enough balanced, if you want my vote do something to sway me...

x boykitten x

Posted by: pink_amethyst (pink_amethyst)
Posted at: June 6th, 2006 11:33 am (UTC)

Nothing really stood out to me and the answer to random #5 is in the rules...you should have read them first xxx

Posted by: Melissa (drama_queen01)
Posted at: June 6th, 2006 05:20 pm (UTC)


you have a livejournal, but you're an internetapobic? um, no

Posted by: Candi (tranquilxheart)
Posted at: June 7th, 2006 04:14 am (UTC)

i wanted to say yes, but the internet thing bothered me.

Posted by: Laura (dollie_decay)
Posted at: June 7th, 2006 07:38 pm (UTC)
Mod// Rejected

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